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Why Do This?

We capture the past with the technology of today. Lives matter. Stories matter. Preserve them now for generations to come.


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By preserving a life story on film, the storyteller's voice, image and personality is captured. Only video technology can reproduce this. We also offer voice over only narrated films for those who are camera shy.


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The process of creating a film autobiography can bring families closer. It can foster an appreciation for and pride in a shared family history as well as being a psychologically empowering experience.

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The HD film life story production can be stored and shared effortlessly. Wherever your family are in the world. Presented on USB flashcards and downloadable from a password-protected website.

Psychological Benefits
University studies show that children profoundly benefit from projects like these. The studies reveal that children who come from families that talk about their history, that know their stories, have much higher levels of emotional wellbeing.
Stories ground them. Stories give them a sense of identity through time. They let them know where they fit in within their family. They let them know where they came from.
And the benefits for the storyteller are well documented. As the process begins and people start reflecting on their lives, they realise there are many stories worth passing on. The experience validates their being. It can give a sense of a life really well lived. By finding their voice and telling their story, they in turn empower themselves. Their accomplishments, mistakes, the good times and the challenging.
You may have heard of Reminiscence Therapy. It's defined by the American Psychological Association (APA) as "the use of life histories to improve psychological wellbeing." Talking about old times has been shown to improve mood, wellbeing, communication and even memory.

How Does It Work?

It's simple. We work together to create an outstanding production
that honours its storyteller. The process is in three steps.


Vintage Film


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Feeling relaxed is key. The pre-interview is the storyteller's opportunity to meet the Director so they can feel at ease on production day. Typically this takes places in the family home. Prior to this, they would have been sent our Production Guide to help focus on those defining moments and anecdotes, those stories they want recorded. During the pre-interview, we review their life in 12 chapters. They will then work with the Director to decide on appropriate on-camera interview questions. This is also the best time to provide photographs and other archive they want included. Each photograph is professionally scanned, ideally on-site, ensuring the originals are kept safe.


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Interviews are usually filmed in the family home or other suitable locale.

The multi-camera set-up takes

approximately 1 - 2 hours. Lighting and audio is critical. We allow five hours for the interview itself with time for breaks when appropriate.  All footage is shot on professional HD cameras with 4K capability. We also use a unique technology called Eye Direct for a truly engaging experience. 

If you're camera shy and would prefer a voice-over narrated life story production, set-up time is only 20 minutes. This production format is also more affordable.


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This is where it all comes together. In the edit. We combine the master interview footage with photographs, archival vision, music and family tree graphics to create a captivating life story film. For ease of sharing, you will receive it in multiple formats. Two custom USB flash drive copies in a keepsake box within a presentation crate of goodies and as an upload to a password protected video

website. A link will be provided that you can share with family allowing them to download the production at their convenience. As a bonus, you will also receive a comprehensive file of all archive received.

Life Story Films

At Storyteller Productions we are committed to telling your life story in the most professional and compelling way possible. What sets us apart is that we take the time to meet with you before the shoot and conduct an in-depth pre-interview. We also use a cutting-edge camera technology called Eye Direct that allows for true engagement with your audience.​

Voice Over Narrated Life Story Film  |  $4,500 + GST

Full Life Story Film Production  |  $8,500 + GST

Memorial Tribute Video  |  From $500 + GST


A life story full film production includes:



  • Three hour on-site pre-interview and completion of 'Your Story in 12 Chapters' questionnaire.

  • Film location recce.

  • On-site professional scanning of up to 80 photographs.

  • Historical and archival research to enhance your personal story.​



  • Professional HD multi-camera set-up, lighting and audio.

  • Basic hair styling and powder makeup.

  • Single location six hour shoot.

  • Eye Direct technology for a truly engaging viewer experience.


  • Full story editing and colour grading.

  • Custom family tree graphics.

  • Professional retouching and restoration of all photographs used.

  • Sourcing of historical images and archival film.

  • Digitisation of family film footage if requested - 60 minutes worth.

  • Expert selection of music.

  • Creation of your own family archive file (a compilation of all images, documents and outsourced archive). 


The final production will be presented to you in the following formats:

  • 2 custom USB flash drives in a keepsake box.

  • On-line version hosted privately on Vimeo by Storyteller Productions (password protected website).  

        This can be emailed to family and friends. ​​

Your life story production will be approx. 40 - 50 minutes in duration.

Please allow eight weeks for its completion.


Photoshoot setup


This has got to be the ultimate gift. Anniversaries, Mother's Day, a birthday, a tribute. A totally unique gift that keeps on giving.



Our family wanted to capture my grandmother's stories, but legacy projects take a huge amount of time. Keltie ushered us through it in such a fun and rewarding way. 

Camera Books


The best investment

you will ever make.

I can't stress how important it is to document a loved one's life story as a film.

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