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How To Emotionally Connect Audiences To Your Brand

While your brand may have been built for a specific product or service, its backbone will be the people behind the brand. To elicit an emotional connection with your audience, you need to showcase and celebrate people first. Video is by far the best way to engage with your audience, but how can you ensure your investment in video will evoke an emotional connection to your brand and thus yield results?

Research shows us that consumers will be more likely to buy a product or service if they have an emotional connection to the brand, while studies have also shown that brands using video storytelling in their marketing are up to 22 times more likely to be remembered by a consumer.

At Storyteller Productions, we specialise in combining captivating vision with authentically powerful interviews to bring your brand story to life. We focus on the people behind the brand. Combine that with thoughtfully selected music and custom-curated graphics, and you have compelling business video content that stands out from the crowd. Camera shy? We have other clever creative ways of making that same engagement.

Okay. So People And Their Stories = Emotional Connection?

Well, yes. If your video authentically showcases the people behind the brand in their best light. But exactly how is this achieved? Like most successes in life, it’s in the planning. We consider the pre-production stage (the part before filming) as not just an opportunity to define the details – audience, message, tone, but to truly get to know you.

Recently, we worked with client Melony Kara Smirniotis, a Sydney-based textural artist and art gallery director of Gallery 11:11, to create her business brand video. The brief was to not just promote the gallery’s exhibition space, art workshop and mentoring services, but to give insight to Melony’s story, capturing her inspiration and passion.


As I chatted with Melony, conversation turned to the art of emotional connection. From her perspective as an art gallery director promoting other artists' works, to my role as a video production director promoting business brands, we shared one strong belief. Get to know the people behind the product or service. Get to know their unique story. We can only authentically sell or promote if we're invested in them and their story.

If you’re thinking about engaging a video production company to create content for your brand, consider how much time will be invested in pre-production and truly getting to know you and your business.

In the saturated marketplace of the internet, there is now so much choice out there that audiences are shying away from digital content that is self-serving and sales driven and crying out for content that has an authentic narrative and human element. So be sure to invest in a video production company that values truly getting to know you, your brand and your vision, well before cameras start rolling.

Keltie Lane is the founder of Storyteller Productions, a boutique Sydney-based company creating autobiographical life story documentaries and business brand story content. She is also proud mum to her favourite productions, children Billie and Charlie.


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